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About us

The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world , are the ones who do - Steve Jobs

About Us

If you dare to jump into the Spotlight, You better be ready to Dance - Jeff Lee

About Us

Think Big, Think Fast, Think Ahead. Ideas are no ones monopoly

About Us

Attention! Only postive attitudes allowed in this area
- Fortune Quest

About Us

About Us

Breaking the philosophies of 'what the hell did you study,what the hell are you doing now,are you crazy!'
We started this company in 2014 saying this to the pessimists i.e,

Fortune Quest Productions Pvt. Ltd

Degree No Bar

We are a dynamic vibrant team from varied backgrounds.We truly believe that if you have the correct blend of passion and hardwork with a tinge of luck,you can certainly reach the highest peak of success,irrespective of your background. Abki Baar Degree No Baar

Our Passion

We are predominantly into production of Cartoons (Animation) , Websites, Apps, Merchandising, Movie Production, Related Media thereof.

Our Success Mantra

Our funda is simple. We'd rather come up with innovative ideas and solutions, something the users need but are not aware of, something creative and at the same time, useful. But you never know - we believe in breaking the rules - so we might also take up sheep farming in the Himalayas.

Work Culture

We want to build a team of go getters who are passionate, goal-driven and believe that hard work should be accompanied with smart work.
FYI, Our Data Collection Team is resilient and leaves no stone unturned in scanning a particular area.
But all work and no play makes Jack a pain in the ace
So we have created a chilled out work environment like the one we have always dreamt of working in.
We also intend to provide part time jobs/work from home opportunities for women to enhance employment.

Pro 1

Working Hours

9 to 7 - we dont like spending extra hours at work
So please do not make us sit late for you!
Weekends off - coz otherwise they'd be known as weekdays.

Pro 2

Dress Code

Smart Casuals to Formals
- as long as you (and the others watching you) are comfortable 'wink wink'

Pro 3


Instant work - Instant gratification.
Weekly payments(data collectors)
-the banks would kill us if we did it daily

Pro 4


We don't need no reason to Partay!
- End of every month

What We Do

Striving to continuously create uber cool digital solutions.

Website Development


App Development

Brand Creation

Customer Support

Media Production

How We Create Stuff

Planning University

During this stage of the project our Geek Squad ( yeah thats what we call our whacky team ) have regular brainstorming sessions to bounce fresh concepts and ideas off each other (If you are imagining Shilpa Shetty in the background grooving to the song 'Shutup and bounce' it's not our fault...well not completely

Design Studio

Now that we have finalised the core of the product that we are developing, we initiate designing the aesthetics of the product.This includes designing the Layout, Color Scheme, User Experience and many more things like Storyboarding (It only sounds like Story-Bore-Ing, in reality the process is quite fun

Development Lab

Once we have completed the planning and designing we start deploying the idea. Once the product is ready we do rigorous testing in real world environments.



Upcoming Projects

All of our amazing projects are made exclusively on blender. For any business inquiries do shoot us an e-mail mentioned below

- Animation related projects
- Sports related app
- Animated Advertisement Projects
- E-learning Projects
Outsourced Animation Projects...

We have a lot of exciting ideas in mind for which we need more creative and enthusiastic people to join our team. Get in touch, we are waiting to hear from you.


Don't think twice just go for it!
Email your CV & work sample at
We shall get back to you soon if there is a relevant vacancy.

Current Vacancies

  • - Script Writers

  • - Child Singers

  • - Music Composers

  • - Voice Over Artists

  • - Animatics &   Storyboarding Artists

  • - Lighting Artists

  • - Social Media   Marketing Executives

  • - Animators

  • - Modellers

  • - Rigging Artists

Contact Us

If you're a Vendor or a Consumer - for any queries or data/image updates feel free to contact us.
We shall resolve your query/request within two working days - Guaranteed!

Fortune Quest Productions Pvt. Ltd

Corporate Office - Office No.3, Shreedeep CHS,
Manisha Nagar, Kalwa, Thane - 400605
Ph - (+91) 9920360224
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" To hell with Circumstance , We create Opportunities! "